CRM System Modules

Core System Functionality

The core system is cloud-based with all servers managed in UK based data centres.  All data is backed up every day.  This service is included in our standard licence fees.

The system functions can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, so by mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

The core system functionality includes:

  • collecting enquiry information from website
  • allowing allocation to any team member
  • sending email with follow-up contact management
  • activity management with reminders and alerts
  • secure personal and general document wallets
  • introductory source management

Optional System Modules

There are many modules that have been developed for our system user groups, too many to list but here are a few of those that integrate with the core  CRM database:

  • Lead Capture & Allocation
  • Appointment Calendar Controls
  • Team Activity Management
  • Product & Service Management
  • Event Management Module with Website Booking Facility
  • Support Ticket Management with Client Access
  • Work Quotation, Job Management & Invoicing Management
  • Mailchimp API integrated email marketing
  • Asset Monitoring & Maintenance Management 
  • Flexible Reporting Suite
  • Hierarchal System Access Management

Investment Management System

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This is a specialist CRM system for businesses requiring complete control of their product sales management.

  • regulated and non-regulated product management
  • direct or indirect sales channel management including commissions
  • investor file mamangement including statement mailings
  • investment pipelines for complete case management
  • bond book functionality handling investment allocation and maturities 
  • loan book functions for borrower drawdown and repayment management
  • comprehensive reports and dashboards

Mailchimp & SMS Integration

This module was created for businesses that would like to stay in touch with or remind leads, prospects or clients about service or products using email or SMS functionality.   This module:

  • allows direct or group messages to be sent and stored in the record
  • allows group extracts for campaign messages
  • sending messages with follow-up contact management
  • activity management with reminders and alerts
  • schedule regular contact with little or no intervention
  • real time monitoring for responses
Every client manages their finances with the functionality suppliers

Appointments Manager

This module was created for the smaller business, sole traders or partnerships that need to manage appointments with workload visibility, the functionality includes:

  • multiple diary views (daily, weekly, monthly or agenda)
  • personal and all diary appointment views
  • automatic appointment confirmation mails
  • holiday and sickness absence for each user
  • secure client files integrated  (GDPR compliant)
  • manage location and room workloads
  • manage appointment types

Support Ticket Management

This module was created for businesses that provide onsite or online service support and need the facility to allow clients to request help online.

The support is managed by your team in a common ticket pipeline that can be seen by both "parties" and the module has the ability to :

  • support clients in head office and branch locations
  • configurable system labels and views
  • authorise team members to do what you need nothing else
  • create and view messages in "chat room" format
  • create support ticket updates to clients by email
  • securely store supporting documents in the case record

Event Booking & Delegate Management

This module was created for businesses that provide events for all sorts of needs, outdoor or indoor events, worksops or corporate gatherings.

The event management module includes:

  • collecting enquiry/booking information from your own website
  • returning delegates can book their own place with unique codes 
  • sending email confirmations on completion
  • automated "place availablity" played on website views
  • itinerary management and communication
  • built-in invoice creation
  • event reports for on-the-day information

Asset Management

This module was created for businesses that install equipment into clients or tenants premises that require monitoring, servicing or replacement at regular intervals.  This module:

  • allows unlimited number of assets to be registered
  • allows asset location and indentification data to be stored
  • creates service history for each asset
  • checklists can be created for every asset type for engineers
  • timesheets can be completed against each job - installation/service
  • fully configurable to reflect the words and phrases used by users